Three Reasons to Take Care of Your Roof in Saskatchewan

Timberline High Definition Shingles

Install to Protect!

Shingles may offer you the best advanced roofing protection.  The use of shingles on new or old homes bring the benefit of light weight while installing and great performance. Due to these new innovations within the roofing business, the new Timberline Shingles are the best around.  In fact, according to research done by local roofing companies in Regina, Saskatchewan there’s slight chance you will find any shingle that undergoes the Timberline Shingles . Why is it so good? These Shingles offer you the following, toughness, wind uplift resistance and flexibility which is just what the houses of Saskatchewan need!

Timberline High Definition Shingles

Install to Invest!

Your roof is what keeps you safe at night. The roof on top of your home has to not only be good quality, but also has to have a level of  “attractiveness”! Well what will you suggest? Timberline High Definition Shingles, not only do the job of protecting your most valuable asset, but also enhance your homes appearance for many years in advance. With such investment as Timberline Definition Shingles, you are not only investing in protection, but at the same time raising the resale value of your home! In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, it is possible to increase the value of your property by 5% with a new roof! Of-course any “new” investment is great for a resale value, but a roof is an investment that wont let you down!

Timberline High Definition Shingles


Recently, an independent research firm in Regina Saskatchewan surveyed local homeowners about the brand of architectural shingles they preferred based on their appearance in White City. The results show that homeowners now prefer the look and quality of Timberline High Definition Shingles better then most of other brands.

“I love the way my new roof looks, at first I did not really think it was a worth money investment, but over time even as I moved people always asked about the roof first. I never hesitated to say Timberline High Definition Shingles” – Mykhailo Tsymbal

Install to Impress!

Optimum Roofing Regina-roofing in ReginaTimberline High Definition Shingles are unlike any other in the roofing bussiness, due to the outstanding shadow bands. Each of the shadow bands is applied using a special, sophisticated, computer-controlled “feathering” technique. This technique allows the shingles to lay in a position that will  offer the best protection and serve you best according to season. When also combined with our randomly blended top layer, it  results in a shingle with exceptional depth and dimension giving it an amazing and sturdy look which will add to the “attractiveness” of the house.


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